3CX NX 32C

MOTTO: “Your Brand – Your Success”

A Small Box With Huge Benefits

The completely rebrandable Call4Tel 32C is a ready made solution for large telecom providers, looking to offer great value to their customers, by keeping their own brand and logo in the spotlight.

Fast, Easy and Powerful

Less than 20 minutes to power up and configure the PBX, Call4Tel is the best choice for any carrier provider that looks into saving costs and win customers. The PBX is packed with so many features and options that practically all customers will find a solution to their problems in its offering.


Customizable and rebrandable, starting with the outer box, to the software inside, Call4Tel 32C manages to offer unmatchable features at an incredible price. This enables large carrier providers, looking into growing their SIP Trunking market share, to give customers a solution that is future proof and easy to deliver.

No extra marketing costs, no need to re-educate the customers into new product lines and easy to implement selling strategy. It’s all down to listening to the customer’s needs, matchin with the particular features and closing the sale with no efforts.


The Benefits

Even if its packed in a small MiniPC box, the Call4Tel has a lot of horsepower inside, powered up by a strong processor and taking full advantage of the state of the art software PBX delivered by 3CX. This enables the PBX to scale from less than 50 users up 500 users.

Preloaded with the 3CX Phone System, the field engineers discovered that installation and management is so easy that the time to deliver the PBX to the customer is, in most of the cases, cut by with more than 50%. This translates into a huge increase in productivity and big cost savings.

Nonetheless, security is one of the most important subjects that needs special attention in the present times. We tackled this and preloaded not only the basic anti-hacking module delivered already with the 3CX Phone System, but enabled the Hacking Method Auto-Tracking and IP Blacklist Global Track & Share by default, making it practically impossible to break into.

Best codecs and a submerged experience for the customers, the clientless interface makes the Call4Tel the easiest to deploy PBX in its class with the smoothest blending experience. No other manufacturer can offer equal capabilities.

WebRTC and AI


The Call4Tel delivers the best WebRTC experience ever, without affecting the performance of the PBX and completely free of charge for any customer, no matter the size. Enabled scripting allows customers to integrate immersive call flows, blending social media into their business calls experience or have the PBX integrated with AI applications.

The Call4Tel has seamless integration between voice calls and WebRTC, all that using the most popular web browsers. No need to learn new softwares or be locked into a specific account. And no need for a monthly individual subscription. It’s all in, for FREE.

Call Centers

call Center

It might be small, but under the hood the Call4Tel is a powerful Call Center unit, ready to deliver the best experience for small to medium sized call centers, packed with tons of useful features like reporting, live management and wallboard information, remote recordings management, and many more.

With a tiny investment, call centers can start “burning up” the lines in record time, without the hassle of change management and cumbersome, complicated configurations burden.




Intel Atom



Storage Capacity



2* USB 2.0 for external storage or disaster recovery system

Ethernet ports

2 (100Mbps speed)

HDMI port


Form Factor





1 year


3CX pre installed (Debian)



Key Advanced Features

  • Web-based softphone client, no installation required
  • Unlimited IVR levels and API based advanced call flows
  • One license model, no hidden charges
  • Proprietary tunnel using 2056 bit level encryption
  • Use Google Drive to automate the backup/restore schedule
  • QR code provisioning for softphones.
  • Advanced Call Center features and CRM integrations
  • Bridge remote offices and connect remote workers with no extra costs
  • Updated automatically, yearly maintenance is required
  • High availability with as low as 5 minutes down time

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