Nx 32 Change Log


Call4tel NX32 v1.234

  • Enable SIP Port & Tunnel Port field in SBC config
  • Enabled All country Domain in SBC URL field
  • Version 1.233 Update Bug Fixed

Call4tel NX32 V1.233

  • Fixed User Interface Bugs
  • Fix Bugs on the Firewall page. Which was stopper issue
  • Added User Interface for SBC
  • Upgraded for SBC Switch function
  • Implement SBC & 3CX Switch Option
  • Changed Menu from 3CX to Setting
  • Added option to switch completely uninstall based on switch 3CX and SBC
  • Added option SBC config update, SBC Uninstall & SBC Install on SBC Switch.
V1.232 (important update)

Call4tel NX32 V1.232 (important update)

  • Added User Interface Styles
  • Added for user interface for SBC upgrades
  • Added proper backend files for SBC upgrades for next version
  • Added Proper NX32 update step process

 Call4tel NX32 V1.231

  • Fixed- 3CX SIP Port included in firewall setting
  • Fixed- Security system update
  • Fixed- SSH port 22 access Blocked
  • Fixed- Call4tel portal user name & password seperated from SSH root access

  Call4tel NX32 V1.230

  • Fixed- Obtaining WAN IP Issues fixed
  • Fixed- USB recording command included
  • Fixed- Security updated
  • Fixed- Update issue fixed

Call4tel NX32 v1.229

  • Fixed- reset all fuction to delete the cal4tel app config
  • Fixed- looping Firewall rules
  • Priority to start firewall service first.
  • Reset perform WAN to DHCP

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