Don’t miss our upcoming 3CX PBX Appliance webinars

We’ve scheduled a new round of Call4tel webinars. Call4tel devices enable you to install 3CX on-premise on a small device that comes preconfigured with 3CX V18 and Debian. Use the devices as a SBC or PBX appliance and easily manage the devices in bulk from the cloud portal. Learn how in our upcoming webinars!  

Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis so make sure to register as soon as possible by simply clicking on the link to the webinar of your choice: 

February 2023:   

  1. Introduction to Call4tel – 11AM GMT+8, 16.02.2023  
  2. How to set your 3CX PBX System using NX Appliance? – 11 AM GMT+8, 14.02.2023  
  3. Use as a SBC/Raspberry Pi4 replacement! – 4 PM GMT+8, 14.02.2023  
  4. Manage your NX Appliance in the Cloud! – 11 AM GMT+8, 15.02.2023 

March 2023: 

  1. All you need to know about Call4tel – 16.03.2023 4 PM GMT+8  
  2. 3CX in a Box and how to configure it: A Beginner’s Guide – 3 PM GMT+8, 21.03.2023 
  3. Use as a SBC! – 11 AM GMT+8, 21.12.2023 
  4. The easiest way to manage your NX Appliance – 3 PM GMT+8, 22.03.2023 

April 2023: 

  1. Introduction to Call4tel – 11AM GMT+8, 12.04.2023 
  2. Quick and Easy with NX Appliance – 11 AM GMT+8, 19.04.2023 
  3. Use your NX Appliance as a SBC! – 4 PM GMT+8, 19.04.2023 
  4. Easily manage your NX Appliance with the Cloud Portal – 11 AM GMT+8, 20.04.2023 

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