Call4Tel VoIP Gateways

A VoIP Gateway enables you to convert analog signals to SIP and vice versa. VoIP gateways are used by businesses that want to keep their legacy phone system and existing infrastructure and at the same time seamlessly connect to VoIP and SIP services.

At Call4tel we offer two types of VoIP Gateways: Analog and Digital.

Call4tel analog gateways

Analog Gateways

There are two different types of analog gateways: FXS and FXO. FXS Gateways are analog gateways that allow you to connect legacy telephones and analog phone systems to IP telephony networks. FXO Gateways are analog gateways allow you to connect analog telephone lines to your IP-based phone system by connecting your legacy phone system to a SIP Trunk.

Digital Gateways

Digital VoIP gateways enable the conversion of voice media between PRI (Primary Rate Interface) connections (which run over T1/E1 lines) or BRI lines and VoIP connections. If you have an IP-based phone system that needs to connect to the PSTN or are looking to connect your legacy phone system to a SIP Trunk then digital gateways are the most cost-effective way to accomplish this.