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PBX Failover. What is it and why is it needed.
What’s Failover and why is it vital for your PBX

Failover. You’ve heard the word over and over again. But what does it do and why should you configure it, especially for your PBX.In layman’s terms failover is when your system automatically creates a duplicate of itself onto which it can fall back to if a fault or failure occurs to the original system. In

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nx32256 blog
New! Call4tel Release the NX256RR 3CX PBX Appliance with 24/7/365 operation and RAID Controller for reduced power and hard disk usage

Call4tel, a global manufacturer of Unified Communications appliances announces the release of the NX256RR 3CX PBX appliance. The appliance is cloud managed and caters up to 256 concurrent calls and 800 users.“With the implementation of a RAID controller and utilizing server-grade hardware, the NX256RR enables businesses to run their 3CX installation on an appliance that

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nx32lite blog
Light on your wallet and easy to use. Get the NX32Lite with 10% off.

For those of you who are not familiar with the NX32Lite appliance allow us to introduce you. It’s a tiny device, only 118x188x28mm, fully loaded with the latest communications features. Apart from that, its setup and management are super easy as it comes with 3CX V18 and Debian 10 Buster pre-installed – making installation child’s

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