A Small Box with Massive Capabilities

Even if it's packed in a small MiniPC appliance, the NX 32C has a lot of horsepower, powered by a strong processor and taking full advantage of the state-of-the-art 3CX PBX. This enables the PBX to scale from 20 to 500 users. Preloaded with 3CX, the installation and management are so easy that it will cut the time it takes you to deliver the PBX to your customer in half. This translates into a huge increase in productivity and big cost savings. It's also easily managed from the Call4tel cloud portal, therefore, updates and settings can be configured remotely. It’s practically impossible to hack. Not only does the NX32C include 3CX’s native anti-hacking tool, it also comes pre-loaded with the Hacking Method Auto-Tracking and IP Blacklist Global Track & Share.

Fast and Powerful

In less than 20 minutes the PBX is powered-up and configured. Making the NX 32C the best choice for any carrier provider that wants to save costs, time and retain their customers. The PBX is loaded with so many features and options ensuring that all businesses will find a solution for their communications needs. 


Completely customizable and rebrandable the NX32C allows you to keep your brand at the forefront. From the box itself, to the software inside, the NX 32C enables you to brand your offering as you wish. Ideal for large carrier providers as well as 3CX resellers and distributors. 

And all this at an unmatchable price! 

Call Centers 

Behind the scenes the NX 32C has a powerful Call Center unit, perfect for small to medium sized call centers. It’s packed with tons of useful features like reporting, call queues, live wallboard, remote recordings management, and many more. 

With just minimal investment, call centers can start “burning up” the lines in record time! 

Key Features 

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