The most Cost-Effective

The 3CX SBC ARM16 is the most value-for-money 3CX SBC device in the market. At an unbeatable price are high performance it’s unlike any other 3CX SBC available in the market. The 3CX SBC ARM16 can be configured, updated and managed via Call4tel’s cloud portal.

Connect Remote Locations
Connect all your office locations no matter where in the world they are. Simply deploy the 3CX SBC and all phones will communicate with the 3CX PBX over a single port. For 3CX Cloud instances this is the recommended and preferred solution.
Connect Remote 3CX apps & extensions
Allow employees to call and chat with each other using their extensions and 3CX Apps. The 3CX apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android have a built-in tunnel which automatically comes in use when the app detects it’s not on the LAN.
Connect 3CX instances via a Bridge
Connect different 3CX instances by using the bridge function. Prefer to use an SBC rather than a direct connection.
Model ARM16
CPU Allwinner H616
Storage 16GB
Network Interfaces 1 * 100M port
Peripheral Ports 1 * USB 2.0
Management Ports micro HDMI
Power Supply 12V/1A
RESET Button 1
Status LED 1 * Power status
Box Color Black
WiFi & Bluetooth Not Supported