3CX NX32 Appliance Quick Guide

NX32-SBC front

Web Access

1.1 URL


1.2 To Access device


1) Connect WAN to DHCP Network

2) WAN gets the IP from the DHCP Network to find the IP. Download Call4tel NX Detector tool from the link below.

Download Link: http://update.call4tel.com/detector/NX32_DETECTOR.zip

Once the IP address is found proceed with URL: http://< your ip >:5448

Mandatory: Set the WAN IP (the one connected to the internet and the phone network) to be static.


1.3 Connect the WAN port to your Switch or Router, using the network cable (included).

1.4 URL: http://< your ip >:5448

1.5 Enter username & password          Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-1

Username: root | Password: 3cx

IP Configuration


2.1 The option “Obtain an IP address automatically” is enabled by default.

2.2 By selecting “Use the following IP address”, the system will update to a custom LAN IP Address.


Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-3

2.3 The option “Use the following IP address”, is enabled by default.

2.4 Select “Obtain IP address automatically”.

DNS Information

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-4

2.5 The “DNS” is obtained automatically by default.

Allow IP in Firewall

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide - Firewall

You can give permission to your IP within the Firewall (External access for port 5448) by selecting any one option.

Allow All: Allow all IP addresses

Allow IP: Allow only a specific IP address

Allow IP Range: Allow a specific range of IP addresses

Firewall changes: To delete an IP address

SIP Connect – Allow static route

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide - SIP connect

Select “Static route”.

Allow IP: Allow only a specific IP address with (LAN or WAN).

Allow IP Range: Allow a specific IP address in a range (LAN or WAN).

Deleting an IP address
From within “Route Changes” select the “delete” option.

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide - route changes

Reset options & license details

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-8

From here you can check your 3CX version, reset the NX32 device, uninstall 3CX and so on.

Updating to a new version

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-9

You will be notified once a new version is available. To update simply click “Click here to update” button.

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-10

Once the update is complete, you will be notified that “Your device is up to date”.


Indicators and Beepers

  1. When the power source is connected, you will hear a short beep which means, the system is powered up.
  2. When the system is booted and ready, you will hear a long beep.
  3. A long press on the RST button for 2-3 seconds and release, will power off the system. You will hear four beeps as confirmation. The system is now successfully powered off.
  4. For reset – a long press on the RST for a maximum of 8 seconds until you hear ten rapid beeps, resets 3CX, the network settings and auto reboots to a fresh installation. Proceed to use the default IP address to access the setup interface.
  5. If the 12V power is disconnected or there is a sudden outage, the UPS battery residing inside is automatically triggered & executes the “Power-off” command to shut down the system safely, avoiding any data loss or system damage.

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-10

NX32 Detector


The NX32 detector tool detects the NX32 device within your network. Click here to download.

Getting a new 3CX License

Nx32Appliance Quick Start Guide-12

  • Go here and simply fill in the form to register your account. You will then receive an email to confirm your email address.
  • Go to the Call4tel portal login area and enter your Username and Password and then click Login.
  • From the License Details page  you will see the list of Licenses. Click “Add new” to register a new license.
  • Enter your device serial number and mac address and click the “Get new license key” button.
  • You will receive an email with your 3CX License details.

Upgrading your License Key

  • Go to the Call4tel portal login area and enter your username and password and click the “Login” button.
  • From the License Details page you will see the list of Licenses. Click “Upgrade”.
  • Select the upgrade and then click the “Add to cart” button.
  • In the Cart Page, you can see the upgrade details that you selected. Click the “Proceed” button to progress to the payment page.
  • Choose a payment method and click“Proceed” to pay.
  • You will receive an email with the upgraded license details.
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