Call4Tel Launches New AiO & Gateway Devices

New AiO (All in One) appliance includes FXO, FXS, gateway and SBC in one small powerful device

Singapore, 18 May 2023 – Call4tel, global manufacturer of the only Powered by 3CX PBX appliances announces the release of an all-new AiO (All in One) device as well as analog and digital gateways.

First 3CX AiO appliance – SBC, FXO & FXS (8 Ports)

The new AiO (All in One) device enables analog lines to seamlessly connect to the cloud in one single device eliminating the need for multiple devices such as VPNs, gateways and SBCs. The device can easily be managed and deployed remotely from Call4Tel’s cloud portal.

The AiO appliance is suitable for businesses of any size. SMBs can opt to use it as their FXO and FXS solution with up to 8 ports and integrated with their 3CX installation. Larger enterprises can use the AiO device as their SBC with FXS & FXO, again up to 8 ports. The device can also act as a gateway or even a phone connector.

Manikandan Chockalingam, CEO & Founder, said: “The new AiO device allows us to solve many of the current on-site issues we’ve come across with MPLS SIP and Analog lines connecting to the cloud. This device allows for seamless cloud connection and eliminates the need for multiple devices like VPNs, gateways, SBCs – they’re all packed into one. It’s the first of its kind we’re very excited to make this device available to our partners and customers.”

New Analog & Digital Gateways

Call4tel is also releasing new NX-S series analog gateways as well as NXGW series digital gateways.

The NX-S series analog gateways can support up to 32 FXS/FXO ports with 100 Mbps ethernet interface ports. They are small in size, saving on office space and also consume a minimum amount of power. See more analog gateway features here.

The NXGW series digital gateways support up to 2 T1/E1 ports and up to 16 concurrent calls (approx. 50 users). It supports multiple SIP registrations as well as failover. They support Asterisk, Elastix, FreeSWITCH PBXs and have a 2-year warranty. See more digital gateway features here.

About Call4tel (

Call4tel offers unified communication solutions combined with the latest technologies that completely transform business communications. Based in Singapore, Call4tel, manufactures and assembles all their PBX appliances locally.

Super-charged with smart features, the products enable users to boost employee productivity and cut costs. With decades of experience as a 3CX Distributor and Partner, Call4tel deploys unique appliances designed for seamless compatibility with 3CX.

With more than 7000 customers globally, Call4tel is known for its business continuity and exceptional customer service. Better connectivity, security and reliability are at the forefront of its offering.

Call4tel products are available via distributors and resellers globally enabling businesses to acquire enhanced communication solutions world-wide at a cost-effective price.

The company operates globally with offices dotted throughout Asia and Europe.

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