New Update for Seamless Setup with latest 3CX Version 

With the recent 3CX update (V18.0.5.418) the 3CX Wizard did not function correctly when performing an auto-configuration for your Call4tel devices.

Our latest update fixes this issue and ensures smooth operation with the latest 3CX release and 3CX Wizard.

Affected Devices

  • NX32
  • NX32 Lite
  • NX96
  • NX256
  • NX256RR

This issue only affects fresh devices which are performing the initial configuration. It does not affect 3CX SBC devices or appliances that already have 3CX installed and running.

View the change log.

How to Update


1. Login to the Call4tel web portal (http://IP:5448) Profile>Update->Click on the available update.


How to update your Call4tel device from the web portal.

2. When the update is complete, the device will reboot. Then you need to refresh the device and the below screen will appear.

Your Call4tel Device is fully updated.

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