Cal4Care Introduces Full Range of PBX Appliances with Call4tel

From PBX Appliances to SBC & call center headsets the Call4tel appliance range has grown exponentially in recent years

10 August 2023, SingaporeCal4Care, distributor of best-of-breed telecommunications solutions and VoIP specialists introduces its full range of Call4tel PBX appliances. Ranging from SBCs, Gateways, PBX appliances, headsets and failover devices, Call4tel appliances are top-of-the-range hardware for any business size or industry.

Mani Chockalingam, CEO & Founder Cal4Care, said: “We’ve come leaps and bounds since first introducing Call4tel appliances. Our product range, team, and overall solution have expanded, and we’ve added new hardware such as headsets and gateways to accommodate every business need. Our team and experience have grown exponentially as well as our customer base which is currently at 7000 customers globally.”

Powered by 3CX. Managed in the Cloud

All PBX appliances offered by Call4tel are Powered by 3CX. They come pre-loaded with the latest version of 3CX as well as Debian.

They are easy to configure, manage and update via an intuitive cloud-based management portal. The management portal enables you to manage your devices remotely, assign them to customers as well as perform mass updates to multiple devices at once. In addition, from the console, you can check all devices’ vitals such as CPU, memory, temperature and more.

PBX Appliance, SBC, Gateway & AiO

Call4tel’s appliance range includes PBX Appliances, SBC, Gateways as well as an All in One (AiO) device. A single device can cater from 20 up to 800 users making them suitable for any business size. Each appliance has different specs and capabilities depending on the business needs and number of users. Their common feature is that they’re all small in size, taking up minimum office space compared to a dedicated server or PC.

You can find all PBX appliances & SBC here.

The AiO device is a PBX Appliance, Gateway, VPN, FXS & FXO (up to 8 ports) in one single appliance. It enables analog lines to seamlessly connect to the cloud in one single device eliminating the need for multiple devices such as VPNs, gateways and SBCs.

Call4tel recently expanded its offering to include digital and analog gateways as well as call center headsets.

About Cal4Care (

Founded in 2006, Cal4Care’s goal was to address the end-to-end IT infrastructure requirements of businesses by focusing on planning and building a dedicated solution for each one. Hence, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest technologies and solutions, backed up with world-class expertise and quality support services.

At its start, Cal4Care Group provided VoIP solutions to local companies and since has expanded its offering globally to include hardware as well as software solutions. The company manufactures its own hardware products ranging from IP Phones, Intercoms, PBXs, Communication Headsets, POE Switches, Conferencing phones, and Webcams – all designed and assembled in Singapore and distributed globally.

In addition to the production of hardware, Cal4Care Group has included the development and implementation of software solutions for business communication needs. These include multiple SIP Trunks for various regions, Mr. VoIP, custom add-ons for 3CX PBX as well as mConnectapps a complete omnichannel solution for call centers.

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