What’s Failover and why is it vital for your PBX

Failover. You’ve heard the word over and over again. But what does it do and why should you configure it, especially for your PBX.

In layman’s terms failover is when your system automatically creates a duplicate of itself onto which it can fall back to if a fault or failure occurs to the original system. In other words, failover is the process by which your active server/system/hardware switches to a redundant or standby system/hardware in the event of failure or abnormal termination of the active one.

Why is failover important for your PBX?

Communication is the main artery for all businesses. To operate smoothly you need to be able to communicate with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders. What happens when all communication is lost? To put it simply, you lose money.

To avoid this from happening you need to have a reliable failover setup. In the event that for any reason your PBX is down you still need to communicate. That’s exactly what failover does. By creating a replica of your active PBX when that goes down the replica, also known as standby PBX, wakes up and takes over.

Call4tel Failover devices

Call4tel’s failover devices ensure that your 3CX PBX is always up and running and communication is never lost. We offer 2 different failover options to choose from:

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