Configuring the Call4Tel E1 Gateway

Call4Tel E1 Gateway is used to connect ISDN (PRI / BRI) lines.

  1. Port for E1 Line
  2. Reset Button for Gateway
  3. Device power indicator
  4. VGA port
  5. WAN Port
  6. LAN Port
  7. USB
  8. Power Adapter

Connect WAN Port / LAN Port on E1 Device

WAN Connection

If there is a DHCP network, you can connect it with the device via the WAN interface and extract the IP address via an IP Scanner (based on WAN MAC found on the device).

LAN Connection

If a DHCP network is not available, you can use LAN1 which is configured using a fixed static IP You can configure the static IP address on your PC and try to access the device via direct connect to LAN1

LAN 1:


Adding the Gateway to the 3CX Management Console

  1. Login to your 3CX Management console –> SIP Trunk –> Add Gateway

2. Select the Gateway

ModelCall4Tel PRI (E1/2E1)
Main Trunk NoBased on the DID Number

3. Insert the Gateway Details


A. Enter Name for TrunkBased on preferred Name
B. Registrar / Server / GatewayGateway IP Address configured
C. Authentication IDPlease use these credentials to configure the gateway in next step


4. Click OK to proceed

5. Check Device Status


  • Device status was added but inactive.
  • Click on the device again for further configuration.

6. Generate Device Config



7. Select “Generate Device config”

Call4Tel E1 Gateway Configuration

  • You will be directed to the Call4Tel portal upon clicking on “Generate device config”.
  • If you are not, the portal can be reached via the following URL http://GatewayIP/cgi-bin/php/system-wizard.php eg:

Login Credentials

Username: root

Password: 3cx

3CX Settings

1. Enter the PBX’s IP address and click on Next



E1/T1 Configuration


A. Select the Country

B. Choose depending on the current line (E1 or T1)

C. Configuration set up

Click on Next upon completion

Username and Credentials Configuration

Group NameBased on preferred Name
PortsTick on the Port (There will be 2 ports selection for E2 Device)
Users & AuthBased on the Authentication ID which can be found in the 3CX management console (step 2)
Secret CodeAuthentication Password in the 3CX management console (step 2)

Click on Next to continue.

Configuration Summary

  • Configuration summary as per above will appear.
  • Please check all the information and click on “Activate” if correct

Activation message prompt

Activation is in progress upon receiving above prompt

Device configured successfully

Gateway System Status

Status “Ok” indicates that the device has been successfully configured

3CX Registration Verification

Login to the 3CX management console –> SIP Trunk

Device status has become Green and Active.