Call4Tel FXS Gateway Configuration Manual

Step 1: Connect LAN Port and Power Adapter

  1. LAN Ports
  2. Reset Button
  3. Power (On/Off Switch), once turned on, a green light will appear in PWR
  4. AC Adapter Port

Step 2: 3CX Management Console Configuration

2A. Adding FXS

Login to your 3CX Management Console, go to the Advanced Tab –> FXS/DECT

2B. Click on + Add FXS / DECT

Select BrandCall4tel
Select Model / DeviceThe device purchased
Mac AddressCan be found on the device

2C. Device Added in 3CX

Once the device is added, click on the “Extension Tabs” to configure the port according to the extension.

2D. Extension Synchronization

Synchronize the extension in the FXS Gateway according to the port.

Note: Ensure that there are no duplicate extension numbers during configuration


Click on “Ok” to save the setting.


2E. Generating the XML File

Click on the configured device

Click on the Provisioning Link


You will now be directed to the XML file as shown below:

Save (CTRL+S) the XML file to configure the device on the next step.

Step 3: Call4Tel FXS Gateway Configuration

3A. Login to Call4Tel Gateway Device

Login URL: XXX

Username: root

Password: 3cx

3B. Upload XML File to the device

Go to System Tab –> Tools –> Upload Configuration –> Select File (Shown in step 2E) –> Upload Icon


3C. Checking Port Status

You may check the Port Status by going to System Tab –> Status –> Port Status



3D. Checking Extension Register Status

You may check the Port Status by going to System Tab –> Status –> Register Status

The device port shall be lit in green upon successful configuration.

Step 4: 3CX Registration Verification

Login to your 3CX management console navigate to the “Users” tab to check the 3CX registration status