Upgrade your Call4tel Devices to 3CX V20 with Latest Update

A new update for Call4tel devices is available and enables users to easily upgrade to 3CX V20. V20 is still in Release Candidate, so we advise you to not upgrade any production devices, it’s for testing purposes only. However, when the final version is released, you can upgrade your production devices without a worry.

This update is for the following devices:

  • NX32
  • NX32 Lite
  • NX96
  • NX256
  • NX256RR

Upgrade to 3CX V20

If you have 3CX configured and installed:

  1. Take a complete backup of your 3CX instal and save it.
  2. Upgrade your Call4tel device to V1.246(Latest) from your Call4tel Portal>Profile>Update. Your device will reboot so ensure you do not update during office hours.
  3. After the upgrade, log in to your 3CX Management Console and upgrade to 3CX V20, this takes approx. 20 mins.
  4. Once 3CX successfully upgrades to V20 the system will automatically reboot.
  5. Check your Call4tel portal access & 3CX Management Console access to confirm the upgrade was successful.

From a fresh device where 3CX is not configured:

  1. Upgrade your Call4tel device.
  2. You can use the command “sudo call4telupgradedebian12” via SSH access. You can see the live log on the screen if you run the update via SSH.
  3. You can also login to your Call4tel Portal>Settings>3CX Settings>Debian-12/3CX-V20 update. This will update the device to Debian 12 & 3CX V20 and will take approx. 20-30 mins.
  4. Once updated the device will reboot. You can confirm the update from the settings page.
Upgrade Call4tel devices to 3CX V20

View the complete change log.

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