Call4tel. For a reliable appliance 3CX SBC

A 3CX SBC is required whenever you want to connect/bridge remote locations/installations and extensions. Which nowadays applies for almost all businesses.

Call4tel’s 3CX Session Border Controller (SBC) is an appliance that enables easy connection of IP Phones to your 3CX instance or to bridge different 3CX installations. The 3CX SBC combines all SIP (signalling) and RTP (media) VoIP Packets from one location and delivers them to the remote location or extension, thereby overcoming common firewall and networking issues that affect reliability.

An easy to manage 3CX SBC

Call4tel offers two 3CX SBC appliances for you to choose from. The NX32 SBC and the SBC DUO. Both devices are easily managed from the Call4tel portal. All updates and settings can be configured remotely with a few mouse clicks and they come pre-configured with 3CX and Debian 10.

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