No more Raspberry Pi? Not to worry, we got you covered 

In a recent blog post, 3CX announced that they would no longer make releases and updates for Raspberry Pi to be used as a PBX appliance for 3CX instances.

They have already stopped updating 3CX v18 for Raspberry Pi users since Update 2 and they do not intend on making any additional builds of v18 for Raspberry Pi4.

Calm Down and Read On!

Call4tel appliances are manufactured by us specifically to be used with 3CX (unlike Raspberry Pi). They’re 3CX certified, come pre-loaded with 3CX V18 & Debian, support up to 800 users and can be managed remotely via our cloud portal amongst many other benefits.

See how Call4tel’s NX32 Lite compares with the Raspberry Pi.

Look at this as a blessing in disguise. You get a better and upgraded appliance to use for your 3CX instance and replace your Raspberry Pi device which is no longer supported.

See them in Action – Free Demo

If you would like more information then reach out to our team.

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